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Week 8: Discipline over Feminity or Masculinity

Delisha J. Grant is an attorney, speaker, and podcast host. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and her Juris Doctorate from The George Washington University Law School. She has over 12 years of legal experience counseling technology, media and entertainment startups, as well as working within the Fortune 500 landscape.

Delisha is also the host of the December 26er Podcast – a weekly motivational show which features Black and Brown guests blazing new trails in their chosen field – and she is the curator of The Weight of the Wait – a full-day interactive seminar that encourages single women to become the highest version of themselves while happily waiting on their happily ever after.

Delisha is admitted to practice law in the state of New York. She has served as a volunteer attorney for New York City Business Solutions and the New York City Bar Association’s Foreclosure Defense Project, as well as a lawyer mentor for 3 Day StartUp (3DS), a non-profit whose mission is to “kick-start new student-run companies and build entrepreneurial capabilities in students and their university communities.” She is the Co-Founder of The House on Steven Avenue Fund Inc. (The HOSA Fund), a 501(c)(3) organization committed to the advancement of underserved communities through initiatives geared toward youth enrichment, young adult job readiness, and economic support of families in need.

Damarcus Adisa is a results-oriented consultant with a unique mix of experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Having worked with a wide range of companies, from young startups to a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation, he has become adept at maximizing impact, as well as bringing clarity to and facilitating the execution of goals and objectives. He currently runs Specht Interactive, a digital content creation and digital marketing firm. Damarcus holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Fort Valley State University and Bachelor of Science in Digital Audiences from Arizona State University

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