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Welcome to F.I.R.E. Igniting Lives owned by Rev. Dr. Gimel Rogers. Dr. Rogers is an ordained elder, licensed psychologist, and is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Rogers offers clinical, forensic, consultative, research, and training services in the areas of diversity, equity, spiritual restoration, and trauma. Dr. Rogers’ mantra is “Change your mind and your whole world changes.” Therefore, as you click through the website, see yourself in the logo, which is a phoenix — a symbol of liberation and transformation. The well known inspirational phrase "Rises life a Phoenix from the Ashes" is often used to describe someone who has suffered hardship or trouble and begins to rebuild their life to be better than before. Remember, whatever the hardship or trouble is, you can rebuild; so rise like a phoenix and be a fearless individual resistant to entrapment, F.I.R.E.


In this life, people face many crises and unfortunately most do not live in a community with adequate support or prevalent examples of perseverance. Through F.I.R.E., individuals will be awakened to their purpose via encouragement, motivation, transformation and empowerment, which will enable each person to push through their setbacks and roadblocks and avoid being deflated and discouraged. Ultimately, each person will take away an understanding that they too are adept, capable, insightful life-changers, and mountain-movers.

Fearless Individuals Resistant to Entrapment was birth from observing how adolescences and young adulthood can be a very difficult time of transition and metamorphosis, and sometimes during this period in life, a person can become stuck or entrapped. At F.I.R.E. we want to provide each person through our various services to learn how to push through glass ceilings and not be entrapped. Whether the entrapment is low self-esteem, peer pressure, mental or physical sickness, lack of family and friends support, educational disparities, financial hardships, stress management while juggling multiple obligations, or figuring out if college or graduate school is the best next step. 

F.I.R.E., Fearless Individuals Resistant to Entrapment, was created to help motivate people to become strong, capable, and adept life-changers and mountain-movers, by coaching them to break all their ceilings and reach new levels in life!

Dr. Gimel

Meet the Team

To assist persons to reach these new levels, our firm has a team of people to offer clinical including DEIB consultation, forensic, research, and professional training services.  
Our leadership team includes Gimel Rogers, Psy.D., ABPP, CEO
Postdoctoral Fellow(s)
Juliana Caro, Psy.D.

Doctoral Trainee(s)
Skye Cerda
Ireland Mulvey, M.A.
Shannon Sellers

Associate MFT/PCC(s)
Jessica Salzmann, M.A. 
(AMFT #145662)

Clinical and Forensic Research Intern(s)
Stacy Alexander, Clinical
Jolisa Johnson, Forensic

**If you are interested in joining the team, contact us.**
Professional development experience available for high school students and undergraduates.
For more information on each position click on the position.

I thought today was a great learning experience for me. I absolutely loved the speakers, they inspired me to treat my body “like the biggest diamond!

Youth at Girls' Conference, West Park Youth Center, Feb. 2011


 I liked how Ms. Rogers was really honest while she educated me on honoring my body and taking care of myself as a female.

Youth at Girls' Conference, American Film Institute, May 2011


I learned that cyber bullying can be even worst than bullying and Ms. Rogers made me think about my actions and my moral compass.

Youth at The Los Angeles North Area Meeting for the Young Peoples Division of the A.M.E. Church, June 2013

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