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Foreward: Take a Closer Look

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Dr. Murphy is a nurse scientist and pediatric nurse practitioner specializing in behavioral health and trauma-informed care. She received her undergraduate and graduate education from Spelman College and Emory University, respectively. Dr. Murphy is the Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Interrelational Science and Pediatrics, LLC and Executive Director of its non-profit arm, Girassol Wellness, Inc. Through her work, Dr. Murphy supports individuals and families to expand resilience through the use of wellness and clinical interventions and collaborates with organizations across the state to support workforce development, training, and consultation. Dr. Murphy’s work extends to professionals working in diverse fields including early care and learning, education, healthcare, justice-related services, and community violence reduction. Her passion centers on translating science into meaningful clinical practice, working directly within communities, and supporting families. Dr. Murphy is a Community Resiliency Model Senior Trainer for the Trauma Resource Institute, has published research and is faculty at Emory University School of Nursing and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

Center for Interrelational Science and Pediatrics, LLC

The Center for Interrelational Science and Pediatrics, LLC (CISP) was formed and organized on August 31, 2021 in Atlanta, GA as a cross-sector organization committed to addressing gaps in behavioral health care for children, youth and families. CISP offers services that strengthen individuals and families, while also supporting systems-level initiatives such as workforce development, behavioral health integration, and training for professionals. CISP’s inaugural initiative, Bridges to Therapy, is currently being introduced to behavioral health providers, educators, social service providers, and justice-related professionals across the state through a collaborative partnership with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and Resilient Georgia.

Girassol Wellness, Inc.

The mission of Girassol Wellness is to deliver low-cost behavioral health care that is informed by the lived experiences and lived environment of those we serve. Our programs and interventions are sensitive and specific and aim to empower individuals, families, and communities. Our services are value-based and delivered with compassion.

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